Girls Ministries Leadership Conference

Dates : 02/03 - 02/03

A great way to begin this year - come join us for the 2018 Girls Ministries Leadership Conference on Saturday, February 3 at the District Office in Macon.  This is replacing the GM Leaders Retreat to a one day, fun filled, jammed packed full of information and training for all Girls Ministries leaders.

The cost is only $15.00, which covers lunch and snacks.  If you bring a child the cost is $5.00 to help cover the cost of lunch, snacks, and childcare.   Be sure and register on Ministry Key by January 31 or mail in your registration with check by January 29.   

MISSIONS SILENT AUCTION – Even though we only have one day, we still like to shop and help our missions project!  You and your ladies can bring one or more item of at least $10 value to be included in the Silent Auction.  You can bring anything you think ladies will want to buy.  All monies raised will go to the 2018 Coins For Kids project, and your church will receive Girls Ministries (Coins For Kids) Missions credit (BGMC) for all items sold from your church.  Remember, your credit giving is not the money you spend on the Silent Auction in buying, it is the money raised by the Silent Auction when other ladies buy your items. 

PRAYER PARTNER EXCHANGE – Our Prayer Partner Exchange has been an important part of us getting together and has built relationships that are cherished for a long time.  This year, please bring a Journal to exchange with your new 2018 prayer partner.