Kid Missionary

A Kid Missionary is a child in K-5th grade who commits to share Christ with friends at school by practicing 5 habits: PRAY, LIVE, TELL, SERVE, and GIVE.

The 5 habits of a Kid Missionary:

PRAY- Encourage your child to spend time in prayer each day, and to pray for friends who do not know Jesus.

LIVE- Remind your KM that the way he/she talks and acts is very important.  Others at school will notice their kindness, respect for authority, and hard work in class.  Everything we do is for the Lord. 

TELL- Share your testimony with your child, and help him/her to prepare to share his/her personal story with a friend.  A testimony has three parts: What I was like before I followed Jesus, how I gave my life to Jesus, and how Jesus has changed me.  This is the best place for a child to start learning to share Christ.  Just teach him/her to share what Jesus has done.

SERVE- Help your child to see opportunities to serve teachers, school staff, friends, and family.  Kids can serve Jesus by starting a prayer group or Bible study at school.  Let God lead to opportunities that work in your setting. 

GIVE- As early in life as possible, children need to experience the blessing of giving.  Encourage your child to give a tithe of whatever money he/she receives, and to give to the missions ministries of your church.