BGMC Pheasant Hunt

Dates : 01/28 - 01/28

The Georgia Children’s Ministries department is asking you to consider participating in our Fifth Annual BGMC Pheasant Hunt! We only ask for a $1,200 minimum pledge, or you can do both the Pheasant Hunt and the Quail Hunt for a $1,800 pledge. The pledges are required to be paid in the year of the Pheasant Hunt, so by December 2018. Our 2018 project is with Missionary Kurt Plagenhoef “Hope Center” in Mitrovica, Kosovo. We will be renovating the first floor into a children’s play area, youth recreation area, coffee house, and kitchen to provide meals for the poor.

We are asking for a $200 deposit when you register or when you come to the Pheasant Hunt. This $200 will count as part of your pledge.